Jean-Lois Ernest Meissonier, The Lovers of Painting, 1860  


Some thoughts on critiquing sessions:

Oh how wish I was back in school learning from the pleasure of a good group critique!

Ego: Emotions are stronger then intellect. Our ego so often gets in the way of our success. We want only praise, but does that move us forward?

Gift of receiving a critique. When we are in the middle of a piece it is often hard to see it! Our colleagues are seeing our work with fresh eyes.

A critique provides us with the chance to hear several ideas: the ideas of our self the originator, and the responses of our colleagues. These responses give insight to the work discussed but might also trigger a solution to a problem in other works.

Responsibility to Critique. What a delightful “job”, to help our colleague solve a visual problem.. It’s selfish to have an idea on a work and not share it with the group or person.

Gift of having the opportunity to critique. The originator of the project is giving us the opportunity to have a creative process. The more that we practice creative process, the better we will be at applying creative process to our own work.

—Marjorie Masel
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