Ralph Steadman, Rats in the Kitchen  

True-er Truths

First off, learn to draw.
It’s a language that will keep you entertained and challenged for your entire life.
It’s a language that will help you when words fail you.
Learn to draw and see from the inside out.
See the skeleton -- of person, place or thing!
Study the way light wraps around it.
Study its surface.
And when you’ve mastered drawing, consider it a tool in your pocket.
You have not made art; you have mastered a skill.

All art is abstraction.
We can strive to render what we can see.
Step further.
Render more then we can see.
Distort to communicate an idea.
Exaggerate to bring forth a quality.
Compromise reality to get closer to a truer-truth.
Use the tools in your pocket to arrive.

—Marjorie Masel
Copyright ©2011